How to Use Aadhar Payment App to Accept Cashless Payments

How to Use Aadhar Payment App to Accept online Payments – In this article, we are going to look over the procedure to use aadhar payment application. If you don’t habve it, the Download and install aadhar payment app and then come back to this tutorial. Overall process of using the application is pretty straight forward and any dummy can learn it in a minute. What you need to do for now is to read the step-by-step guide that  I’m about to share here. There are images with texts that will make it easier to understand. Keep this in mind that you will need to have the bio-metric scanner in order to scan the id’s of your customers.

There are many rumors regarding the scanner, but the confirmed one is its price. It is said to be available in two thousand rupees. Its a very clever and low investment that can make you multiple time of its cost. Because more than 50 million people using services like PayTM, online payment is not an alien concept anymore. And if you allow your customer to pay in a similar way, they will absolutely love it. especially, if your customers are mostly youth.

How to Use Aadhar Payment App

The use of Aadhar Payment App is very simple, the merchants first need to download the Aadhar Pay App from the link I have already posted in this site and after that come back to this webpage and learn the whole procedure.

STEP 1: Merchant Login

After downloading Aadhar payment app, you will need to open and register with your credentials in it. The application will show you an option from ehich you can easily pair it with the bio-metric sensor. All of it will take approximately a minute to complete.

How to Use Aadhar Payment App

STEP 2: Aadhar Number & Fingerprint Scan

Remember that fingerprint Scan that they took while making your aadhar card? Its coming handy now ! You will need to authenticate your ID with your fingerprint. Tap your fingerprint over the sensor and it will check your print in the database.

STEP 3: Receive Payments

After everything is done, Tap on aadhar pay to recieve payments.

How to Use Aadhar Payment App to Accept Cashless Payments

STEP 4: Customer Authentication
When you click to the next screen, it will ask you the aadhar number of the customer you want to get paid from. Enter your customer’s aadhar number and select their linked bank. After this, the customer will have to put their finger over the biometric scanner.

Customer Details
How to Use Aadhar Payment App to Accept Cashless Payments

STEP 5: Confirmation
After authentication, you will see a confirmation screen where the received amount and last 4 digits of Aadhar number of customer will be displayed. No matter how big or small the amount is, it will all be smoothly transected in your bank account

How to Use Aadhar Payment App to Accept Cashless Payments

SO that is how you can use aadhar payment application. If you still have any Doubts regarding the whole procedure, do make sure to comment it down bellow and I will help you with that.

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