Download & Install Aadhar Payment App – How To Install Aadhar Payment Application

Here is the whole Guide On How to Download and Install Aadhar Payment app On your Mobile Phone. Follow the procedure here in order receive payments and pay using aadhar payment app. Now, let me explain about this application briefly. You can use the application as much as you want. There are no limitations like PayTM and other services like that has. After the demonetization 2000 and 500 rupee notes, Indian economy faced a huge down. The Aadhar Payment Application will eliminate all the problems associated with normal Payment systems like Cash and Cards. These things have a tendency to loose and tear.

Download Aadhar Payment App And Pay Using Aadhar Card - Complete Guide

If You Run a Shop Then You can Accept Your Customers’ payment Through Their Aadhar Card ID using a Biometric Mchine that Costs About ₹2000. But first step costs nothing and that is installing the application.

Download Aadhar Payment App

With the advancement of Cashless-economy technologies, The government is not stopping itself from introducing things. Ever since the demonetization mess, Modi government is Desperately trying to rescue the sinking economy. At first, they increased PayTM wallet limit. Then they announced the advanced unified payment ID. And now the things have reached to paying with aadhar card.

  1. Visit Google Play Store at from desktop or open the Play Store App on your android smartphone.
  2. In the search box on the top, search for “Aadhar Payment App”, (Exact links will be updated here after the app is launched)
  3. Select the “Aadhar Pay” payment app from the list after searching and hit the “Download” button.

A merchant who needs to accept payment will enter the aadhaar number and the amount in the machine using the touch interface provided. The customer then needs to authenticate the payment using his/her fingerprint. The amount will be deducted from a bank account that is linked to customers aadhaar number and credited to the merchants bank account.

How It works


The working module of aadhar payment application is guarded by a specially coded algorithm that makes it sure that payment happens fast and securely. Merchants would be required to download the Aadhar Pay payment app on their android smartphone connected to a biometric reader. The biometric reader is currently available for just Rs. 2000. If a customer wants to make payment, then he/she just need to enter his Aadhar Number and It will allow A safe biometric scan in order to pay.

How To Use IT

This is a question that everybody is wondering about. What exactly is the procedure of this using this application ? There are many Theories building up in social media and most of the are ridiculous. The real way of using this app is a very simple one and anyone can learn it in seconds. All it takes is a few second registration and after that, every thing becomes very easy to do. You can accept payments from your customers using the aadhar payment solution within minutes.

After setting all the things up, minutes stretch down to seconds. All you need to do is to go How to use Aadhar pay Solution and you are done. I have posted the complete guide over there reading which you can easily understand the concept of it. IN case you feel that its not clear enough for you, you comment your doubts down there. I will reply to you as per as your questions.

STEP 1: Merchant Login

After downloading Aadhar payment app, you will need to open and register with your credentials in it. The application will show you an option from ehich you can easily pair it with the bio-metric sensor. All of it will take approximately a minute to complete.

How to Use Aadhar Payment App

STEP 2: Aadhar Number & Fingerprint Scan

Remember that fingerprint Scan that they took while making your aadhar card? Its coming handy now ! You will need to authenticate your ID with your fingerprint. Tap your fingerprint over the sensor and it will check your print in the database.

Download & Install Aadhar Payment App - How To Install Aadhar Payment Application

STEP 3: Receive Payments

After everything is done, Tap on aadhar pay to recieve payments.

How to Use Aadhar Payment App to Accept Cashless Payments

STEP 4: Customer Authentication
When you click to the next screen, it will ask you the aadhar number of the customer you want to get paid from. Enter your customer’s aadhar number and select their linked bank. After this, the customer will have to put their finger over the biometric scanner.

How to Use Aadhar Payment App to Accept Cashless Payments

STEP 5: Confirmation
After authentication, you will see a confirmation screen where the received amount and last 4 digits of Aadhar number of customer will be displayed. No matter how big or small the amount is, it will all be smoothly transected in your bank account

How to Use Aadhar Payment App to Accept Cashless Payments

That is pretty much it. Its the who method of using this application. All one needs to Do is to register to the app, connect with the scanner and allow the customer to enter their aadhar number on the device. This may sound a little complex and that is why , here are the exact steps that one needs to follow in order to accept and pay through aadhar pay solution. Not only for the merchants, the Aadhar Payment would also be helpful for customers to get rid of their stacks of plastic money, confusing sets of passwords and their digital payment accounts passwords being stolen. This is probably one of the biggest advantages of using Aadhar Pay Solution App.


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