Download and Install Aadhar Payment Application On Android And iOS and pay for anything you buy. You may have tried to get aadhaar payment app play store but the idfc aadhar pay app is here. You can download the official aadhar payment app apk . Indian government have officially confirmed that Each and every Indian Citizen will now be able to pay with their Aadhar cards. There are many people wanting to know that How to use Aadhar payment application. In this post, I’m going to tell you guys exactly How to do everything. You will need to follow all the steps I’m going to share and it will work as you want. The Download links will be updated after the app comes out, so bookmark this page in order to stay updatedApart from it, you can still learn the whole concept about the aadhar Payment application.

Download Aadhar Payment App And Pay Using Aadhar Card - Complete Guide

If You Run a Shop Then You can Accept Your Customers’ payment Through Their Aadhar Card ID using a Biometric Mchine that Costs About ₹2000. But first step costs nothing and that is installing the application.

You can use the application as much as you want. There are no limitations like PayTM and other services like that has. After the demonetization 2000 and 500 rupee notes, Indian economy faced a huge down. Now, the government is taking action to make world’s very first complete cashless economy. This will put off the burden over the Note-Production department and will help us all recover from the clash of demonetization. One of the best things is that  Like Crypto Currencies, each and every rupee will have an online ID to determine its authenticity and existence. This can potentially erase corruption from Indian Economy.

A very clever move, Must say. All of things were planned years before demonetization. It all actually makes sense now. We don’t know the real decision makers behind the Modi government, But we know for sure that Aadhar Payment application and Things like it were planned long ago. So in a sense, They already knew about the clash that was about to come. But this was the only way to make it happen and we admire them to do this.

What Aadhar Payment App Can Do And How It Works

Note – All of these information are officially confirmed by the government of India. So, its perfectly safe to say that all of the points bellow are a hundred percent true.

So the thing goes like this –

If you are a shop keeper or someone who will receive payments on a regular basis, you will have to purchase a Bio metric reader that will come in Rs 2000. After that, you also need to install an application specifically designed for merchants on your Android Phone. If you wanna pay with your Aadhar payment what you will need to do is – You have to enter your Aadhar Card Number on the input device. This will allow the algorithm to automatically Fetch the bank account your card is linked with.

Download Aadhar payment Application

The Aadhar Payment Application will eliminate all the problems associated with normal Payment systems like Cash and Cards. These things have a tendency to loose and tear. On the other hand, its highly unlikely to loose your Phone or Aadhar Number. The app would be launched on the national level on Sunday, 25th December. The app has been developed to tap a wider set of people. The bank account holders with Aadhar Seeded does not require to have any debit or credit card or even a mobile phone.

See Download and Install Aadhar Payment appp

Advantages Of Aadhar Payment App

Due to the fact that its another form of online payment, there are tons of advantages of Aadhar Payment app over the others. It could potentially completely replace the payment system with everything online. One can easily pay their bills, buy stuffs like groceries, Gas Etc. In theory, it can also replace ATMs.

Since almost each of us have Aadhar card and many of has a bank account linked with it, There maybe no ATMs in the future. Well, of course there is a huge amount of Indians with No bank accounts, But there was a Time when there was no one with the new notes. So, Maybe this happening of Aadhar payment app launch could force those people to stand in lines to get a bank account. These all things are not far fetched. Things like that already did happen in the past few months, we all saw it.

The best thing is that if things go well, India could be The world’s very first Completely Cashless economy !

How Ironic is that once there was time when WhatsApp used To charge people after the first year in India. But the extended that to 2 years due to the “Online Payment-Phobia Indians used To had and most of us still prefer COD in things. At that time, No one could ever thought that that very Phobic country, will do the most To become a cash less-economy.


This is a question that everybody is wondering about. What exactly is the procedure of this using this application ? There are many Theories building up in social media and most of the are ridiculous. The real way of using this app is a very simple one and anyone can learn it in seconds. All it takes is a few second registration and after that, every thing becomes very easy to do. You can accept payments from your customers using the aadhar payment solution within minutes.

After setting all the things up, minutes stretch down to seconds. All you need to do is to go How to use Aadhar pay Solution and you are done. I have posted the complete guide over there reading which you can easily understand the concept of it.

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